Terms and Conditions


The customer agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions when they subscribe to the School of Dogs Online Training Videos.

The customer is aware, that breaking these Terms and Conditions will result in the cancellation of their subscription without refund. School of Dogs is not required to give any written warning if we see fit.

The customer agrees to review these Terms and Conditions, when given written notice that they may change if we deem is necessary.


School of Dogs services are delivered as software based on the chosen subscription. School of Dogs reserve the right to continuously develop said software/services, to improve the functionality of our website in what ever way School of Dogs deem necessary.

In the event of Critical short-term maintenance School of Dogs reserve the right to suspend its services. These service periods will be communicated to the customer via email no less than two days prior.

School of Dogs also reserve the right to put the customers subscription on hold, if their balance is past due, until a payment is made.


School of Dogs reserve the right to change their prices, customers will receive an email stating the price change no less than one week before the new pricing comes into effect.

If any downgrades are made to the School of Dogs online training video website, such as removal of content, The subscription price will be reviewed and adjusted accordingly as close to the time of the downgrade as possible. Customers are not entitled to knowledge of this downgrade unless it is seen as necessary by the School of Dogs.

All payments and billing are non-refundable under any circumstances.


If any customers experience errors, bugs, or other issues during the use of our services, School of Dogs will use reasonable effort to respond as soon as possible (‘’support’’) in order to resolve the issue. Support requires no extra costs and can be found by emailing the School of dogs at schoolofdogs@icloud.com or schoolofdogs8@gmail.com . School of Dogs employees will respond within a reasonable timeframe no later than the next business day. School of Dogs business days are defined as Monday to Friday and withing the times of 7am to 6pm, excluding bank holidays and the Christmas break, these dates will be communicated each year by email.

In the event that the School of Dogs website suffers from a critical defect (e.g., a main functionality does not work as intended or the platform is inaccessible) the customer can document this in writing to School of Dogs. School of Dogs will begin to remedy this as soon as possible, and will communicate timings and functionality updates to the customers.

Intellectual Property Rights:

The customer acknowledges and accepts that School of Dogs is the owner of all rights to the School of Dogs online video software, the services used and the intellectual property rights.

The customer may not duplicate, copy or reuse any portion of the School of Dogs platform, services, visual design elements or concepts without written consent from School of Dogs.

All of the videos included on our website are copyrighted to our trademark School of Dogs.

The customer will be liable by law in case of violation liabilities.


Either party has the right to terminate the subscription.

School of Dogs in its sole discretion, has the right to terminate or suspend the services at any point and without prior notice, in case of fraudulent activity.

The customer and School of Dogs agree to mutual non-disclosure and confidentiality.

The customer has the right to request for no emails or promotions to be sent to them about the School of Dogs other platforms and services.

School of Dogs has the right to store personal data (e.g., Name, E-mail address) as long as the customer is subscribed and will not share said data to any third party, other than other parts of the School of Dogs company.