Mission Statement

At School of Dogs, we believe the most engaging and beneficial way to

train your dog is to use positive dog training techniques. These fun

based methods keep your dog interested and eager to learn. It allows

you, the owner, to reward the behaviours you wish to encourage and

ignore the ones you don’t.

All skill levels are catered for, from beginner, to advanced.

We will show you how to establish clear & concise communication with

your dog and understand your dog's physical and social behaviour.

We welcome all breeds, ages and sizes of dogs.

You will receive the most up to date training methods, as we have had

rigorous and comprehensive examinations and inspections, which have

enabled us to become part of Victoria Stilwell’s Positively Dog Training Team.

We are members of Professional Pet Guild & Pro Dog Trainer with Absolute Dogs.

We have a degree in Canine Communication and Dog Training.

Which gives you a guarantee that we are of the highest professional,

humane and ethical calibre, of force-free canine behaviourists and dog