The following are the services we offer here at the School of Dogs please don't hesitate to get in touch.

School Dog Training.

School Dog Training.

Having a dog in school is becoming very popular for many reasons. The benefits are often surprising and include wellbeing for both staff and pupils, behaviour support and developing personal attitudes. We know Headteachers want the reassurance and peace of mind that introducing a dog to their school, will be safe and successful, School of Dogs can offer these things and more. We offer a school dog training package, that is fully certified and accredited. We will take you through the initial risk assessments, dog training, introducing the dog to the school building, pupils and staff, training the dog to “work” in school as a valued team member. ​If you work within a school and would like us to help you train your dog to become a certified school dog, please email our school dog coordinator :


Train Your Dog With Us.

We offer the following services.

Puppy classes for dogs aged 12 weeks, £80 per course.

Dog training workshops for dogs aged above 6 months, £75 per course.

Private consultations for any Behavioural concerns, £69 per hour.

Behavioural therapy for dogs with specific concerns, £240 four private sessions.

Home visit at £250, one month support package.

To learn more about each service come and visit our booking website. click below to find out more.

Online shop

We sell everything you need for your dog from leaders & treats to toys. We can post them out to you or have them ready for you to collect from our centre. Check out our amazing online shop using the link below.

Day Care 
Day Care 

Day Care 

We run our day care Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm. Early starts and late pick ups are available, call now to start your enquiry on 01207 282664